Jerico-Next: second call for transnational access to coastal observatories and supporting facilities

The H2020 JERICO-NEXT project is offering transnational access to ferrybox lines, fixed platforms, including cabled observatories, glider fleets, and fishing vessels based in coastal and shelf-sea areas around Europe. Calibration and research laboratories complement the offer, as also certain specific kinds of special equipment. These are intended to be used in conjunction with one or more of the observing systems mentioned above.

The Second call for access to the JERICO-NEXT Coastal Observatories and Supporting Facilities is open from 20 February to 10 April 2017 for activities scheduled in the period September 2017 – August 2018 subsequent to a formal screening and selection process. Browse the JERICO-NEXT TNA catalogue:

Read more on the JERICO-NEXT project's website

IMPORTANT: Users interested in accessing SOCIB services in the frame of this second JERICO-NEXT TNA call are encouraged to follow the Glider Competitive Access Protocol.