SOCIB joins Euro-Argo ERIC

Argo is the main component of the Global Ocean Observing System and Spain has just joined as full member the ERIC Euro-Argo. SOCIB (the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System) and IEO (the Spanish Institute of Oceanography) will be the representatives of Spain in the governance bodies of Euro-Argo ERIC and assume the commitments that imply for Spain to participate as a full member of the ERIC Euro-Argo. SOCIB as a National Marine Infrastructure is committed with sustained and reliable multi-platform ocean observation and the SOCIB Lagrangian Facility has since 01/2011 contributed to the Argo program in the Mediterranean with 12 vertical profilers that accounted for approximately 1.600 TS profiles that are a key contribution to understand the long term climate change and natural variability in the Western Mediterranean.

Euro-Argo ERIC is the starting point of a new European contribution for the long term operation (> 10 years) of Euro-Argo. It aims to enhance the collective ability of the European nations to contribute to Argo, and by working together to do so more efficiently in the future. This new infrastructure is beneficial to all partners and enables Europe to build and sustain its "fair" contribution to the global array while providing enhanced coverage in sea areas of particular European interests (e.g. the Nordic Seas, Mediterranean and Black Seas).


 12 Argo profilers: 8.069 days – 1.600 TS profiles (01/2011-12/2016)